Fantastic Beasts FINAL TRAILER Reaction!



The Final trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is OUT and you can check out my reaction below! Are you excited to step back into the Wizarding World? Let me know Below or on my channel!


Passengers Trailer Reaction!


Check out my reaction to the new trailer for Passengers 2016 Starring  Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence! Oh i love a good space romance.

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Welcome To Earth!


Ok so we got an explosive Spot for Independence Day : Resurgence during Super Bowl 50 which was expected. I was hoping something longer would be released online but so far nothing. Here’s hoping to more popping up later this week. That being said I am still pleased with what little has been shown. The spot opens with ( What an original idea ) the national anthem being sung during a football event. Cut To – sweet alien dog fighting goodness and a whole lot of explosions. 

While the effects are sure to be spectacular and I know Super Bowl spots are typically just sizzle reels, I’m still wanting more of what the actual story is or at least some footage of the rest of the cast. And I know what your thinking –You want story and character development from a Roland Emmerich movie? You suck and everyone hates you- But hold your unnecessarily mean retort for just a sec queen. The original Independence Day had loads of characters who, by the end, you actually cared what happened to them. There is even an extended cut that jams in even more development into the already long ass run time. Which brings me to the returning cast. I really hope time is made between skyscrapers raining down on London to give the OG cast some big moments. It would be a shame to see them swept aside just to give Liam “hot even in clunky space suite” Hemsworth a few more minutes of screen time. 


One thing I noticed and LOVE is a shot of panicked civilians running down the city street with giant wall of fire behind them. So reminiscent of the original. If anything we can bet on this film bringing some uber nostalgia which seems to be the trend these days. Both Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens benefited greatly from their use of nostalgiac imagery and story points. 

I’m also very curious to get a better look at the new Alien ship designs and tech, it’s hard to tell what anything looks like behind the walls of fire and smoke. As we inch closer to the June 24th 2016 release date I’m sure more will be revealed.

Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl TV Spot
Source: MoviemaniacsDE