Tuesday Musings


image1So Ive been working on a number of projects to fill my time as I dwell in a world of nightmares and shadows AKA my studio. I’m not sure why but I have been feeling very creative lately and I’ve decided to take advantage of it before the energy flutters away like it usually does.

I’m trying to get a podcast going because that is something that i have been wanting to do for such a long time. However i really want a co host because i just feel like I’m more entertaining when i can bounce things off of other people. So if any of the ONE of you reading (Hi dad) is interested let me know.

Fashion has been another thing on my mind lately which is sort of new for me. Ive never been super into it or really cared all that much about what I’m wearing. But suddenly I’m finding fashion all i can think about. I’m working on an article that I may turn into a series perhaps. In the article I’m basically breaking down an outfit that I put together, why I think it looks cute and also where i purchased the items. The articles are going to be geared towards guys on a tight budget.

And literally as I’m writing this in my office at work my boss comes in and tells me that I just got promoted to another department and I’m getting another raise! YAY ME! Well I gotta go and act like I’m working enough to deserve this delightful turn of events. Have a great day all and I’ll be posting more real soon!


Hey There….


Hello All. My Name is Toby and i have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, With this blog or in life in general.

Ive wanted to start a cool blog or podcast or vlog or whatever for a millennia but never knew where to start or was just plain lazy. But now that i realize I’m getting old (Turning 27 this year) I’m beginning to feel like I’m going to regret never trying any of the awesome things i’ve wanted to try or do or say. I have a LOT of opinions and spend %100 of the day with a billion things running through my mind with no outlet. So here i am attempting to do a thing.

As far as what i ll actually be writing about…I cant decide on just one topic and i don’t feel like i can successfully run a bunch of different blogs so this blog will contain pretty much whatever floats into my amazingly cute brain (I’m also super full of myself). I cant repeat enough how much of a nerd i am. HUGE movie buff and I’m positive a whole ton of this blog will be dedicated to movie news and reviews by Mwuah. I’m sure there will be a healthy bash of pop culture, news and gayness as well! So tune in if you want or something….