Independence Day Resurgence TRAILER #2

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Just in time to celebrate EARTH DAY we are blessed with trailer #2 for Independence Day:Resurgence! And OMG It’s beautiful. Chock full of explosive sci-fi goodness. You can expect a full trailer breakdown soon but for now take a look at the footage below.

One quick thing I’ll mention is that I didn’t realize how sci-fi they were going with this sequel. Everything in ID4 world is now clearly influenced by the Alien tech they were able to salvage from the downed city destroyers. (1)

I’m glad we finally have a full trailer giving us some story elements as well as some spectacle that the first trailer was missing. ┬áNot to mention HOLY ALIEN KAIJU!

Independence Day Resurgence strikes back on 6/24/2016.









During this past Sundays The Walking Dead season  finale a new 30 second spot was released for ID:R. It showcases some wicked new footage as well as the return of Brent Spiner AKA Dr. Brakish Okun. As you know Dr. Okun was seemingly killed during his encounter with the Alien enemy.


However we now know he survived and  rumors suggest he has been in a coma since 1996. The footage also gives some insight as to what exactly Bill Pulman is doing in the glass room filled with smoke. (5)

Here’s the break down.

The spot opens with the same footage as the initial trailer, showing the African desert with Charlotte Gainsbourg V.O. suggesting that something has been found that only Jeff Goldblum‘s “David Levinson” will be able to understand. Then the shot of the group on a cliff looking out at several large Alien structure in the distance.


We then cut to new footage of what appears to be holding cells for Alien prisoners captured during the war of 1996. I’ve brightened some of the following stills for better viewing.

We see the beautiful Maika Monroe as Patricia Whitmore in what looks like an updated Area 51. (3)

The appearance of Dr. Okun also leads me to believe that this is Area 51. A spoiler filled synopsis of the script was released on Facebook by a fan a year ago.It seems to be right on the money so far and says that Dr. Okun has been in a coma since his 1996 encounter and has been kept at Area 51 all this time.

You can read that Synopsis HERE. Be warned, the more footage shown only further proves how on the money this guy is. Don’t read if you don’t want the entire film possibly spoiled for you.

Patricia then asks why the Aliens are screaming. We are treated to full renderings of the Alien, something we barely glimpsed in the original. (2).jpg

The always kooky Dr. Okun gives a doom filled response. “They’re not screaming. They’re celebrating”


It had seemed the Alien in the OG film had broken Okun’s neck and we see here that he is wearing some kind of scarf or bandage around his neck. He may have survived but not without taking some beating. (6)

Back to the scene wear Bill Pullman stands awaiting his fate as the quarantined room is filled with vapor. It looks like the Aliens can only speak to us by contact. Therefore in order to get some info on the Aliens plans this time around Ex President Whitmore decides to use himself as the conduit.


If you remember he made a psychic connection with one of the previous Alien captors and maybe only someone who has made contact before can make contact again? I’m not sure how this works exactly but I’m sure it will be explained in the movie. (8)

And then in a direct mirror of Dr. Okuns scene from the previous film, Whitmore is thrown against the glass wall as we here the menacing “Voice” of the Alien.


“She has arrived”

The ” She” in question can only be the “Alien Queen” and seeing as the NEW ship is THE mother ship we can only assume this is who he is speaking about. The ship in question has also been revealed to be the size of the Atlantic Ocean! This line is what really makes me believe that the guy on FB is correct. A major plot point in that synopsis is the arrival and attempted defeat of the Alien Queen.

Independence-Day-Resurgence (1)

We get a few new shots of Jeff and Liam (Hemsworth) in their moon vehicle looking VERY worried.  Liam Hemsworth‘s Jake Morrison asks David if they should be “Worried” with a funny line reading that only Mr. Goldblum could respond with “Uh…Yeah!”

You can watch the spot below.

It seems that with the previous release of Issue #1 of the comic prequel the marketing for the film has finally begun to kick in. I suspect we shall be treated to a bunch of new pics and footage as the release date draws near.

Independence Day: Resurgence strikes back on June 24th here in the states. Let me know what you thought of the new spot and my breakdown below!





Welcome To Earth!


Ok so we got an explosive Spot for Independence Day : Resurgence during Super Bowl 50 which was expected. I was hoping something longer would be released online but so far nothing. Here’s hoping to more popping up later this week. That being said I am still pleased with what little has been shown. The spot opens with ( What an original idea ) the national anthem being sung during a football event. Cut To – sweet alien dog fighting goodness and a whole lot of explosions. 

While the effects are sure to be spectacular and I know Super Bowl spots are typically just sizzle reels, I’m still wanting more of what the actual story is or at least some footage of the rest of the cast. And I know what your thinking –You want story and character development from a Roland Emmerich movie? You suck and everyone hates you- But hold your unnecessarily mean retort for just a sec queen. The original Independence Day had loads of characters who, by the end, you actually cared what happened to them. There is even an extended cut that jams in even more development into the already long ass run time. Which brings me to the returning cast. I really hope time is made between skyscrapers raining down on London to give the OG cast some big moments. It would be a shame to see them swept aside just to give Liam “hot even in clunky space suite” Hemsworth a few more minutes of screen time. 


One thing I noticed and LOVE is a shot of panicked civilians running down the city street with giant wall of fire behind them. So reminiscent of the original. If anything we can bet on this film bringing some uber nostalgia which seems to be the trend these days. Both Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens benefited greatly from their use of nostalgiac imagery and story points. 

I’m also very curious to get a better look at the new Alien ship designs and tech, it’s hard to tell what anything looks like behind the walls of fire and smoke. As we inch closer to the June 24th 2016 release date I’m sure more will be revealed.

Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl TV Spot
Source: MoviemaniacsDE