Saturday Sweets


HELLO! It’s Saturday which means all ya’ll are 1. In bed with a headache. 2. In bed with someone you don’t remember. 3. Have your shit together and busy closing cases at work while getting sweet overtime hours like me.

You may also be wondering if there are any entertainment updates to catch up on. And because I’m the caring person that I am I decided to take a break from my important business to bring you the latest;)

Scream Queens


Scream Queens official Instagram posted this pic of Brad FalchukRyan Murphy and some other guy they didn’t bother to name so neither will I. Looks like writing has officially begun on the second season of Fox’s Scream Queens. I am BEYOND thrilled. We also got confirmation that Miss Oberlin herself Emma Roberts will be back for the next season. Now all I need is confirmation that Chanels #3 & 5 Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin will return and I can breath easy. No word on when production will officially begin. Here’s hoping to more casting and story news in the coming months

X Files


As a huge X files fan I was beyond excited when I heard they were bringing the series back for a short run. A six episode 10th season. The response to the mini series has been overwhelmingly positive from the fans while critics have had harsher words for the reunion of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. However the the show has scored through the roof in viewership. So it really comes as no surprise that FOX wants to move forward with a second mini season. Even talks of another movie have been going around.

That being said the biggest issue FOX will have in getting the next season together comes from the cast themselves. While all seem game to come back for more, scheduling them all together is what will be the problem. Gillian Anderson is a Brit now and lives on the other side of the pond with her family, she’s already expressed her feelings on uprooting her life to continue shooting in Vancouver. Here’s what a few FOX big wigs had to say thanks to Movieweb.

“The biggest impediment to going forward with ‘The X-Files’ is the schedule of David and Gillian and, to an extent, Chris…but even the other night at the premiere, we were all laughing and joking that we would love to do this again. So we would be on board if schedules can be worked out.”
I’m sure we can expect much more news following Mondays season Finale.
Captain America: Civil War
Thanks to JoBlo take a look at Empire’s EXCLUSIVE Captain America: Civil War cover. Here we see Steve Rogers face off against supposed friend Tony Stark. It’s a pretty bad ass image and will sure to sell big. The early buzz for this film has been incredibly positive with most touting this as the best Marvel film to come out so far. Even the performances are being praised, that’s saying a lot coming from a comic book movie. I cannot wait until the April 29th to witness what is sure to be a game changing showdown for the Avengers. Take a look at the cover below


Home Release Recommendation
I thought I’d start a section where I recommend new  Blu-Ray or DVD releases. This month i HIGHLY recommend you check out Guillermo del Toro’s latest Crimson Peak. It’s an absolutely gorgeous Gothic romance/horror. From the costumes to the music to the cinematography there’s is so much to take in while viewing this film. The story is a pretty basic ghost story with a few dark twists and turns. The performances from  Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston are sublime as well.