Underworld Blood Wars Trailer Reaction!



Check out my Reaction to the new Underworld Blood Wars Trailer! Comment and subscribe if you like:)


Rogue one: NEW TRAILER!


Check out the brand new Rogue One Trailer! I’m way more pumped for this entry into the Star Wars universe than I am for the main sky walker series. I love the idea of a war movie set in the Star Wars univers. Click the link below and tell me what you think!

Godzilla Resurgence VFX Breakdown



Take a look at this sweet VFX breakdown of Toho’s  Shin Godzilla. Previously we were under the impression that Goji would be brought to life using both a traditional suit AND  CGI.

Eventually the suit was abandoned completely for a complete CGI rendering of Godzilla, although there are rumors of a puppet being used in some shots as well.

Here we have a break down of the visual effects that brought Shin Godzilla to life, I’m pretty pleased with what I see so far with out having actually seen the movie yet. Godzilla looks terrifying and I can’t wait to see these scenes play out in context. There a few shots of new footage as well so ENJOY!




Resident Evil: The Final Chapter FULL TRAILER!



Good Morning citizens of Raccoon City! Finally we have the first FULL trailer for Sony Screen Gems Resident Evil: The Final Chapter thanks to IGN. Once again we find Alice as she rides her way back to where it all started. This is supposedly the last film in Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Resident Evil Series and the trailer makes sure to point that out several times.

I’ll miss Alice and I hope to see Milla Jovovich continue to kick ass in the future. But I think it’s about time for the Umbrella shenanigans to come to an end. The trailer looks on par with just about every other Resident Evil film, dumb but fun, I will say that the effects don’t look half bad though.

I like the idea of going back to the Hive and I can see they gave the Red Queen a make over finally. I’m getting some Extinction flash backs for sure, which Isn’t totally a bad thing. And what would a Resident Evil film be without the laser hallway right?

Take a look at the trailer below!

youtu.be-szPW5g12hWc (1)






Scream Queens BTS of Season 2!



Afternoon (Bruce) Everyone! I’m bored here at work since I’m amazing and constantly on top of my shit. So I thought I’d share some NEW photos thanks to EW from this season of Scream Queens.

As You (Bruce) know I am  a crazy fan of this show. The humor hits me just right and the horror tickles that little psychopath inside my head. Today EW has unveiled their TV goes Back to Work photo spread and Scream Queens was one of many that received an early set visit. Take a peak at the hot (Pink) photo’s below.







The fashion, the glamour and the Accessories seem to be just as on point as last season. Now I’m dying to see some actual story footage and a glance at the new killer!

Season 2 of Scream Queens Premiers September 20th on FOX




Comic Con Trailer Roundup – “Like Way Late Edition”



Hello Hello to whatever rando is reading this at 4 am on the other side of the planet. As usual I’m super late to the game with these posts but I’m a struggling young adult with bills to pay. Anyways, I found some free (Work) time to bring you MY favorite trailers from this years Comic Con.

As you may notice I really only post things that interest ME and while that may limit my audience, I’ll at least know only the coolest of the cool will be reading.

But back to business.

Justice League


I thought Batman V Superman was totally bogus and so I’ve had little to no interest in the upcoming Justice League movie from Zack Snyder. But I must say that my interest may be peaked with this first trailer. Something I noticed right away is the humor that seems to have been added to the characters, which was severely lacking in BVS. It makes the movie seem a lot more fun. And OMG Ezra Miller is such a BABE *Drools*

Excuse me. Watch below.

Justice League is in theaters November 2017.

Wonder Woman


Easily the best part of Batman V Superman Was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I was a Skeptic when she was first cast but I think she more than proved her capability as the amazonian princess warrior. The trailer seems to capture everything I would want in a Wonder Woman movie, and finally we have a leading man in what is basically the “girlfriend” role. The action looks violent yet elegant and with a female director (Patty Jenkins) I think this entree into the DC film universe one of the best. 

Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2, 2017

Blair Witch


Formally known as “The Woods” until very recently, this Blair Witch Project sequel came out of no where. At least to me, I had zero idea this was even a thing until a few days ago. But Oh Boy am I excited. While the Original has lost most of its bite over the years, and that other MESS that followed it needs not be mentioned. I always felt like there could be so much more done with the mythos that was created for the original movie. Apparently the filmmakers of Blair Witch seem to feel the same.

Blair Witch In Theaters September 2016

Kong: Skull Island


The NUMBER ONE trailer that has me pumped is Kong: Skull Island. I’m a HUGE Godzilla/ Kaiju fan and King Kong falls in that category for me. Despite the haters I really enjoy Peter Jackson King Kong 2005. I’m a sucker for a good jungle island adventure and that’s a staple in most Kong films. This case is no different. The cast is absolutely fantastic and there is definitely something to like about the visual style. Legendary has quickly answered the questions as to how the HELL is Kong supposed to fight Godzilla in the upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong?! Previous incarnations put Kong at a MUCH smaller size than the King of the Monsters himself Godzilla. Well they corrected that issue by making Kong fucking HUGE as well. That was easy. Take a look at this Massive scale up below!

Kong: Skull Island in theaters March 2017







Godzilla Resurgence FULL TRAILER #2!



Just as I (And everyone else) predicted we finally have a full length trailer #2 and it is GLORIOUS! Just like the first trailer It’s dialogue free but the choices of music for these trailers and spots give a very classic vibe to this new entry into the franchise. We are treated to a bunch of new footage and I must say Shin Gojira himself is looking a lot better quality wise than he did in previous spots. Also we get an orgasmic second of Shin Gojiras new PURPLE atomic breath and I pretty much creamed my pants.

Take a look at the trailer below and Let me know what you think!

When the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line mysteriously floods and collapses, Japan’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rando Yaguchi is convinced that the incident was caused by a living creature. His claims are shrugged off by the Prime Minister who assumes the accident was caused by a natural disaster. However when a long massive tail surfaces from the Bay, the possibility of a giant monster becomes a reality

Godzilla Resurgence arrives in Japan on 7/29/2016.

No word on an official american release as of yet.