Scream Queens S2 Ep1 REVIEW!



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Scream Queens Season 2 Promo #2!


I was surprised with ANOTHER Scream Queens Season 2 Promo. This one is Much longer and features most of the main cast excluding Keke Palmer‘s Zayday. The music, that attitude and the fashion are all at maximum Scream Queen and I CANNOT wait for September 20th! Which FYI is three days before my B-Day. YAY ME!

Take a gander below;)





Scream Queens BTS of Season 2!



Afternoon (Bruce) Everyone! I’m bored here at work since I’m amazing and constantly on top of my shit. So I thought I’d share some NEW photos thanks to EW from this season of Scream Queens.

As You (Bruce) know I am  a crazy fan of this show. The humor hits me just right and the horror tickles that little psychopath inside my head. Today EW has unveiled their TV goes Back to Work photo spread and Scream Queens was one of many that received an early set visit. Take a peak at the hot (Pink) photo’s below.







The fashion, the glamour and the Accessories seem to be just as on point as last season. Now I’m dying to see some actual story footage and a glance at the new killer!

Season 2 of Scream Queens Premiers September 20th on FOX




M.D. = MAD DIVA: Scream Queens Season 2 PROMO



It’s finally happening Idiot Hookers! Season 2 of Scream Queens began principal photography early last week and already we have glimpses of what is sure to be a fantastic season. Along with season one survivors we have a couple fresh faces along for the mystery this time around. Joining vets Emma Roberts, Lea MicheleAbigail BreslinKeke PalmerBillie Lourd & Jamie Lee Curtis will be Taylor Lautner & John Stamos. Colton (Baby daddy) Haynes is also set to appear sometime this season. 

As we now know this season takes place at a hospital now run by Dean Munch, according to the creators we should expect a darker tone as well as a lot more humor. This makes me VERY happy. One thing lacking from last season were any actual screams. I’m hoping for a spike in the scares department this time around.

Check out this season very first Promo below, as well as some fun BTS photos from the set!



Scream Queens Season 2 premiers this September on FOX 






First video


First Video
Good Day! I bring you an embarrassing first video for this blog and my YouTube channel thing. 

Now as I mention in this video I have no idea what I’m doing. So be nice. Also I couldn’t see very well so the a

ngle is horrid and I look like a total monster. But whatever I managed to get though it in one sitting and didn’t want to redo it. 

Which is my motto in life really…

Anyways check it out and expect more soon!