Dino Doodles!



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#1 Raptor

#2 Dilophosaurus

#3 Indominus Rex



Underworld Blood Wars Trailer Reaction!



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Scream Queens Season 2 Promo #2!



I was surprised with ANOTHER Scream Queens Season 2 Promo. This one is Much longer and features most of the main cast excluding Keke Palmer‘s Zayday. The music, that attitude and the fashion are all at maximum Scream Queen and I CANNOT wait for September 20th! Which FYI is three days before my B-Day. YAY ME!

Take a gander below;)





Resident Evil: The Final Chapter FULL TRAILER!



Good Morning citizens of Raccoon City! Finally we have the first FULL trailer for Sony Screen Gems Resident Evil: The Final Chapter thanks to IGN. Once again we find Alice as she rides her way back to where it all started. This is supposedly the last film in Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Resident Evil Series and the trailer makes sure to point that out several times.

I’ll miss Alice and I hope to see Milla Jovovich continue to kick ass in the future. But I think it’s about time for the Umbrella shenanigans to come to an end. The trailer looks on par with just about every other Resident Evil film, dumb but fun, I will say that the effects don’t look half bad though.

I like the idea of going back to the Hive and I can see they gave the Red Queen a make over finally. I’m getting some Extinction flash backs for sure, which Isn’t totally a bad thing. And what would a Resident Evil film be without the laser hallway right?

Take a look at the trailer below!

youtu.be-szPW5g12hWc (1)






Shin Gojira – NEW IMAGES and SPOILERS!



Well clearly I have no life and will be alone forever because here I am typing up another meaningless post, two in one day! that’s saying something.

Anyways, while I wallow in self pity I’ll also bring you some spoilery new updates regarding Godzilla Resurgence! which has now been renamed to just Shin Godzilla for it’s pending American release.

The film was released late last week to RAVE reviews…while at least from Japanese audiences. It seems like the american view point is that the film has too much talking and not enough Godzilla. This really isn’t an issue for me because it’s pretty clear american audiences are a bunch of impatient dumbasses who cant appreciate a good story. As long as the Japanese are happy, I’m happy. The film is literally being touted as a masterpiece in their eyes so that give me much to look forward to when Funimation releases Shin Gojira here in America.

Now until then, I’m not sure about you but I am ALL ABOUT SPOILERS. Especially if I know I wont be able to see the movie for some time. I’ve been scouring the web for juicy tid bits regarding the film and Boy o boy have I run into a few double take worthy accounts of the film.

So way back when it was found out that there would be several toys released that made reference to more than one form that Gojira would take this time around. Most speculated that the Godzilla we have been seeing in trailers is only partially formed and that a fully formed creature that resembled the Godzilla we know and love would come about near the end of the film.

Well it seems that only part of that is true. Shin Gojira will in fact have THREE forms through out the film. But the first two forms are more like evolutionary stages. A “Tadpole” stage that first makes land fall. Then an arm less stage that some are saying kind of looks like a chicken or turkey. The final stage is what we have been seeing in pics and trailers from the very beginning.

Here are a few leaked images from an upcoming Art Of book for the movie.


Concept art for Shin Goji’s “Purple” atomic breath.


This is apparently the arm less incarnation of Shin Gojira, Another point regarding this new Godzilla is that it needs to eat matter in order to generate. This includes buildings, cars and people. Now we know why he has such wicked looking teeth!


here are a two images that show the toy version of this stage.


I’ll agree they look super corn ball but ill remind you that these are simply toys, we have yet to see what this version looks like in high def in the actual movie.


Another NEW feature to this Godzilla is the atomic breath and atomic…spines? In this verions Goji’s lower jaws splits in two and allows Godzilla to open it’s jaws as wide as it needs to like a snake. Not only that, he can also shoot atomic laser’s from his back spines and the tip of his tale as well. This seems a TAD over powered to me but that’s just a small complaint.


I LOVE this change to the Gojir mythos and gives us a completely fresh take on what a Godzilla film is. I know a lot of fans may take issue with this. A lot of reviews coming in are stating that if your looking for a nostalgic return to Godzilla’s roots you will most likely be very disappointed. This is a brand new vision and with that comes changes that may be hard to swallow.


As for myself I am pleased with the direction this film has taken. Most of the reviews state that this is a very dower movie with little to no actual “fun” to be had. It seems to be a harsh political statement on how japan deals with catastrophic events, this may be only meaningful to those who actually live in japan but i think it’s a great way to give this kind of a movie more meaning, it’s more than just a monster movie.

Shin Gojira will be stomping into theaters here in the states sometime later this year from Funimation.







Comic Con Trailer Roundup – “Like Way Late Edition”



Hello Hello to whatever rando is reading this at 4 am on the other side of the planet. As usual I’m super late to the game with these posts but I’m a struggling young adult with bills to pay. Anyways, I found some free (Work) time to bring you MY favorite trailers from this years Comic Con.

As you may notice I really only post things that interest ME and while that may limit my audience, I’ll at least know only the coolest of the cool will be reading.

But back to business.

Justice League


I thought Batman V Superman was totally bogus and so I’ve had little to no interest in the upcoming Justice League movie from Zack Snyder. But I must say that my interest may be peaked with this first trailer. Something I noticed right away is the humor that seems to have been added to the characters, which was severely lacking in BVS. It makes the movie seem a lot more fun. And OMG Ezra Miller is such a BABE *Drools*

Excuse me. Watch below.

Justice League is in theaters November 2017.

Wonder Woman


Easily the best part of Batman V Superman Was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I was a Skeptic when she was first cast but I think she more than proved her capability as the amazonian princess warrior. The trailer seems to capture everything I would want in a Wonder Woman movie, and finally we have a leading man in what is basically the “girlfriend” role. The action looks violent yet elegant and with a female director (Patty Jenkins) I think this entree into the DC film universe one of the best. 

Wonder Woman is in theaters June 2, 2017

Blair Witch


Formally known as “The Woods” until very recently, this Blair Witch Project sequel came out of no where. At least to me, I had zero idea this was even a thing until a few days ago. But Oh Boy am I excited. While the Original has lost most of its bite over the years, and that other MESS that followed it needs not be mentioned. I always felt like there could be so much more done with the mythos that was created for the original movie. Apparently the filmmakers of Blair Witch seem to feel the same.

Blair Witch In Theaters September 2016

Kong: Skull Island


The NUMBER ONE trailer that has me pumped is Kong: Skull Island. I’m a HUGE Godzilla/ Kaiju fan and King Kong falls in that category for me. Despite the haters I really enjoy Peter Jackson King Kong 2005. I’m a sucker for a good jungle island adventure and that’s a staple in most Kong films. This case is no different. The cast is absolutely fantastic and there is definitely something to like about the visual style. Legendary has quickly answered the questions as to how the HELL is Kong supposed to fight Godzilla in the upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong?! Previous incarnations put Kong at a MUCH smaller size than the King of the Monsters himself Godzilla. Well they corrected that issue by making Kong fucking HUGE as well. That was easy. Take a look at this Massive scale up below!

Kong: Skull Island in theaters March 2017







First video


First Video
Good Day! I bring you an embarrassing first video for this blog and my YouTube channel thing. 

Now as I mention in this video I have no idea what I’m doing. So be nice. Also I couldn’t see very well so the a

ngle is horrid and I look like a total monster. But whatever I managed to get though it in one sitting and didn’t want to redo it. 

Which is my motto in life really…

Anyways check it out and expect more soon!