Resident Evil: The Final Chapter FULL TRAILER!


Good Morning citizens of Raccoon City! Finally we have the first FULL trailer for Sony Screen Gems Resident Evil: The Final Chapter thanks to IGN. Once again we find Alice as she rides her way back to where it all started. This is supposedly the last film in Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Resident Evil Series and the trailer makes sure to point that out several times.

I’ll miss Alice and I hope to see Milla Jovovich continue to kick ass in the future. But I think it’s about time for the Umbrella shenanigans to come to an end. The trailer looks on par with just about every other Resident Evil film, dumb but fun, I will say that the effects don’t look half bad though.

I like the idea of going back to the Hive and I can see they gave the Red Queen a make over finally. I’m getting some Extinction flash backs for sure, which Isn’t totally a bad thing. And what would a Resident Evil film be without the laser hallway right?

Take a look at the trailer below! (1)







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