Shin Gojira – NEW IMAGES and SPOILERS!



Well clearly I have no life and will be alone forever because here I am typing up another meaningless post, two in one day! that’s saying something.

Anyways, while I wallow in self pity I’ll also bring you some spoilery new updates regarding Godzilla Resurgence! which has now been renamed to just Shin Godzilla for it’s pending American release.

The film was released late last week to RAVE reviews…while at least from Japanese audiences. It seems like the american view point is that the film has too much talking and not enough Godzilla. This really isn’t an issue for me because it’s pretty clear american audiences are a bunch of impatient dumbasses who cant appreciate a good story. As long as the Japanese are happy, I’m happy. The film is literally being touted as a masterpiece in their eyes so that give me much to look forward to when Funimation releases Shin Gojira here in America.

Now until then, I’m not sure about you but I am ALL ABOUT SPOILERS. Especially if I know I wont be able to see the movie for some time. I’ve been scouring the web for juicy tid bits regarding the film and Boy o boy have I run into a few double take worthy accounts of the film.

So way back when it was found out that there would be several toys released that made reference to more than one form that Gojira would take this time around. Most speculated that the Godzilla we have been seeing in trailers is only partially formed and that a fully formed creature that resembled the Godzilla we know and love would come about near the end of the film.

Well it seems that only part of that is true. Shin Gojira will in fact have THREE forms through out the film. But the first two forms are more like evolutionary stages. A “Tadpole” stage that first makes land fall. Then an arm less stage that some are saying kind of looks like a chicken or turkey. The final stage is what we have been seeing in pics and trailers from the very beginning.

Here are a few leaked images from an upcoming Art Of book for the movie.


Concept art for Shin Goji’s “Purple” atomic breath.


This is apparently the arm less incarnation of Shin Gojira, Another point regarding this new Godzilla is that it needs to eat matter in order to generate. This includes buildings, cars and people. Now we know why he has such wicked looking teeth!


here are a two images that show the toy version of this stage.


I’ll agree they look super corn ball but ill remind you that these are simply toys, we have yet to see what this version looks like in high def in the actual movie.


Another NEW feature to this Godzilla is the atomic breath and atomic…spines? In this verions Goji’s lower jaws splits in two and allows Godzilla to open it’s jaws as wide as it needs to like a snake. Not only that, he can also shoot atomic laser’s from his back spines and the tip of his tale as well. This seems a TAD over powered to me but that’s just a small complaint.


I LOVE this change to the Gojir mythos and gives us a completely fresh take on what a Godzilla film is. I know a lot of fans may take issue with this. A lot of reviews coming in are stating that if your looking for a nostalgic return to Godzilla’s roots you will most likely be very disappointed. This is a brand new vision and with that comes changes that may be hard to swallow.


As for myself I am pleased with the direction this film has taken. Most of the reviews state that this is a very dower movie with little to no actual “fun” to be had. It seems to be a harsh political statement on how japan deals with catastrophic events, this may be only meaningful to those who actually live in japan but i think it’s a great way to give this kind of a movie more meaning, it’s more than just a monster movie.

Shin Gojira will be stomping into theaters here in the states sometime later this year from Funimation.








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