Godzilla Resurgence FULL TRAILER #2!



Just as I (And everyone else) predicted we finally have a full length trailer #2 and it is GLORIOUS! Just like the first trailer It’s dialogue free but the choices of music for these trailers and spots give a very classic vibe to this new entry into the franchise. We are treated to a bunch of new footage and I must say Shin Gojira himself is looking a lot better quality wise than he did in previous spots. Also we get an orgasmic second of Shin Gojiras new PURPLE atomic breath and I pretty much creamed my pants.

Take a look at the trailer below and Let me know what you think!

When the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line mysteriously floods and collapses, Japan’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rando Yaguchi is convinced that the incident was caused by a living creature. His claims are shrugged off by the Prime Minister who assumes the accident was caused by a natural disaster. However when a long massive tail surfaces from the Bay, the possibility of a giant monster becomes a reality

Godzilla Resurgence arrives in Japan on 7/29/2016.

No word on an official american release as of yet.






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