Alien Covenant:NEW PHOTOS!



I apologize for my absence my loyal readers ( Who am I kidding?) I’ve been away due to slaving away at my day job and trying not to starve. But things are easing back now and just in time for a slaying of updates that have come and gone since I’ve been MIA.

The first is a BRAND NEW LOOK at filming for Ridley Scott‘s much anticipated Prometheus sequel ALIEN: Covenant. We finally get a tiny glimpse at whats in store for us come August 4th 2017. In the pic we see through video monitor’s filming taking place with Katherine Waterston, unlike the glossy high tech Prometheus, this ship definitely has a more run down look to it. Although with that fire in the back round ¬†I’d say its safe to say the ship has taken a little bit of a beating as well. take a look at the pic below!


Another quick bit of unofficial photos you can see below. A massive scene of death seems to have taken place with what looks like Engineers writhing in agony. I have a feeling this is a flash back showing the destruction of “Paradise” AKA The Engineers home planet.