As a huge fan of the Scream movies I was VERY uneasy at the thought of an MTV series based on the franchise. Sidney Prescott is probably my favorite final girl and I wish she had a better close to her story than what the mix reviewed Scream 4 gave her. Although I DID like Scream 4 for giving us another go around with Ghostface and for giving us a reunion of the holy trinity of Sidney, Gale and Dewey.

And then SCREAM the TV SERIES happened and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not perfect and the story got a little clunky at the end, the finale left something to be desired. Most likely because almost every major character survived. Due to the fact that season 2 was green lit mid way through the season and MTV wanted to keep most of their hot cast in tact. The thrills and kill scenes made up for this for the most part. I mean come on that tractor chainsaw of death was deliciously gory and unexpected.

Today we have some glimpses from season 2 thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Take a look at the four newly released photos. What’s happening with Audrey? we know from season one that she was in cahoots with Piper, but just how much? did she actually kill someone?





Despite its faults I was pleased with Scream season one and I really liked the cast that was chosen. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the students of  Lakewood and our friend mister GhostFace –  Are we still calling him that?

Scream season 2 slices and dices on 5/30/2016






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