Meet the NEW Rita Repulsa!



Saturday mornings were all about the POWER RANGERS when I was a little one. The Green Ranger was going to be my husband even before I knew what that meant. And GURL I was all about that SASSY Rita Repulsa.

Today we have our first look at Elizabeth Banks as the NEW miss Rita! It’s different…that’s for sure. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet, I don’t dislike it….But I really wanted those cone horns on the top of her head still! Take a look below and tell me what you think. Is she the SEXY Rita of your dreams? or cheap studio sex up of an otherwise cheesy and repulsive Repulsa?

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Banks so I think the casting is inspired.  Miss Banks has mentioned that she is practicing that famous cackle we all know and love so hears hoping for a modern update on a classic childhood villain.



Power Rangers Morphs into theaters 3/24/2017








3 thoughts on “Meet the NEW Rita Repulsa!

  1. Bruce Christian

    Just as long as they don’t revive Saved by the Bell! Screech would never pass as a geek today, only as a failed porn star and petty assaulter.


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