Jurassic World 2 UPDATE.


Finally some news coming out of the wood work about my beloved Jurassic Park/World franchise. Colin Trevorrow who directed Jurassic World announced via his twitter that the Director for Jurass World 2 has been chosen.

 J.A. Bayona has been tasked with directing the follow up to last summers smash hit Jurassic World. I know him most from his film The Impossible which gives me some hope because I thought dispite the white washing of the protagonists, the film is very well directed. He has a visual flair while also being able to bring heart to a story.

He’s known in the horror community for his creepy little thriller The Orphanage. So I’m hoping he can bring some scare back to the series. One thing I felt was lacking from JW was any kind of terror from the dinosaurs –  Sam Jackson’s severed arm scared the bajeesus out of me as a child – there hasnt been any similar sort of scene in the subsequint sequels.

As of now I’m happy with the decision and I look forward to hearing more regarding the production as we get closer to pre production. What do you think of this development?

Jurassic World 2 breaks free in 2018.



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