I have dreamed of a Live Action Pokemon movie since I was a wee lad in the late 90’s and I’m positive an entire generation feels the same. Now it seems that dream will soon become a reality. The Hollywood Reporter and Slash Film are reporting that Nintendo is apparently trying to sell the rights for a live action movie to Hollywood and several big name studios are said to be very interested.

With today advances in visual effects I think it is perfect time for this to be happening. It will not only reach children today but many young adults who grew up with the franchise back in the 90’s. Nostalgia over load for sure. I can only imagine what it will be like seeing these iconic creatures on the big screen in the “real” world apposed to cartoons or cards.

If all goes well this could be one of the biggest film franchises we’ve seen in the past decade. Are you interested in seeing a rampaging Charizard come to life?

Warner Bros, Sony and Legendary are said to be the top contenders. Legendary seems to be close to finalizing a deal according to these articles. I’ma  big fan of what Legendary has been doing recently, they seem to know what the fans want and have no problems giving it to them. I LOVED 2014’s GODZILLA which is of course another JAPANESE title.

Although there could be issues forming a union this time around. Legendary is a CHINESE owned company and the two  may be have some issues with each other as of late.

Read more about these developments here. They go into a bit more detail.


Hollywood Reporter

Slash Film



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