Alien: Covenant UPDATE.



Here’s a breif update on the production of Alien: Covenant.  With production under way and filming beginning soon we are gifted with a small morsel of news. A member of the production crew Charlie Tong posted the pic below on his Instagram account. Now at this time the photo has since been taken down it seems, which add further proof this is indeed a real pic from the set.

You can read the original articles from Bloody Disgusting and Movieweb. Although the picture is no longer available to see on those pages. I screen caped the pic so It’ll be up on here for the time being unless someone asks for it to be taken down.


As you can see it is clearly one of the Engineers Head statues from Prometheus. Does this confirm some screen time on LV-223? or does the Engineers planet simply have similar architecture laying around?

I’d love a little intro on LV-223 with perhaps a Weyland rescue team finding the wreckage of the doomed Prometheus and Juggernaut ship. Here’s to more updates as production continues!

Alien Covenant burst into theaters 8/4/2017



Bloody Disgusting 



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