Rogue One: UPDATE



I was a little skeptical when news that in between every MAIN TRILOGY Star Wars film there would be a spin off film made. SO far a Han Solo origin story and possibly a Boba Fett one off can be expected in the next few years. However the first trailer for ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story dropped not long ago, giving us a taste of what a spin story can look like.

All we really know about the story is that it tells the tale of the mission to steal the plans for the 1st Death Star.

Even after this trailer there isn’t much more known about the story. Mon Mothma showing up was a bit of a surprise and we get glimpses of who the villains MAY be. Still it looks like the studio is keeping most of the surprises hidden away per usual. We do know for sure however that we can expect an extended cameo for the big guy himself. Vader.

Is that him in the cloak bowing down? maybe. We wont know much more than what has been shown until we get closer to the December release date.

Take a look at the trailer below. It offers some fantastic visuals and captures the 70’s sci-fi vibe that is missing from most of the newer films. Force Awakens made an effort in this department but being set further in the future it makes sense to have updated tech.

From what we have seen so far I think it;s safe to say that I am looking forward to this movie more so than the main trilogy of films. It’s giving us something new while still maintaining that sweet retro Star Wars vibe. But please….Don’t make Jyn Erso Rey’s mother….not EVERYTHING has to be connected.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released  December 16, 2016

It stars- Felicity JonesGenevieve O’ReillyMads MikkelsenBen MendelsohnAlan TudykDonnie YenDiego Luna and Forest Whitaker.





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