Kingsman 2 UPDATE



I was pretty late to the game when it comes to Kingsman: The Secret Service 2014 In fact I just saw it a week or so ago. And ABSOLUTELY LOVED every second of it, Mathew Vaughn is a revaluation to me and now I cant wait to go back and watch his filmography

Kingsman is a breath of fresh air when it comes to action (comedy?) films of late. It’s chock full of over the top violence while never bringing us down with overly heavy themes or buzz kill tragedy. It’s silly yet exciting fun with some good laughs thrown in.

That being said I now greatly look forward to Kingsman: The Golden Circle which will hit theaters June 16th, 2017. Today Taron Egerton dropped a new poster on his twitter…and it seems someone we thought long gone may be returning.


Colin Firth was shockingly killed off midway through the last film. But by the looks of this poster,   all is not as it may seem. Take a look at the poster below and Let me know what you think of this development!








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