Independence Day Resurgence NEW VIRAL VIDEO!



Check out this neat little feature that brings us up to date on the events leading up to Independence Day: Resurgence. Playing out like a real life news report this Mockumentary describes the worlds efforts to unite after the WAR of 1996 . The video looks great and had some time put into it, definitely a good way to fill the audience in on what’s happened before the movie is released. Although I’m sure most of what is displayed will be repeated in the film itself. We also get a few glimpses of NEW FOOTAGE from the film placed through out so take a look below and let me know what you think!




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Weyland-Yutani Emerges!



As production continues on Ridley Scott‘s Alien: Covenant we are now being treated to tid bits from the set more frequently. Today thanks to SlashFilm we have our very first OFFICIAL image from the film. It may not seem like much, it’s just a photo of someones arm, whose suite bares a very familiar name and logo.


Your eyes have not forsaken you my friend, it seems that in the ten year time gap between Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Weyland merged with Yutani to create the most EVIL company in the galaxy. Weyland-Yutani!

Perhaps with the loss of both Weyland and his daughter Vickers the the company needed to merge in order to survive? That’s just a guess, I’m sure we will find out more once the movie hit’s theaters in 2017!




Independence Day Resurgence TRAILER #2

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Just in time to celebrate EARTH DAY we are blessed with trailer #2 for Independence Day:Resurgence! And OMG It’s beautiful. Chock full of explosive sci-fi goodness. You can expect a full trailer breakdown soon but for now take a look at the footage below.

One quick thing I’ll mention is that I didn’t realize how sci-fi they were going with this sequel. Everything in ID4 world is now clearly influenced by the Alien tech they were able to salvage from the downed city destroyers. (1)

I’m glad we finally have a full trailer giving us some story elements as well as some spectacle that the first trailer was missing.  Not to mention HOLY ALIEN KAIJU!

Independence Day Resurgence strikes back on 6/24/2016.






Jurassic World 2 Officially filming in UK!



Another brief but exciting update on the production of Jurassic World 2. Recently it was reported that J.A Bayona will be in the directors chair for the upcoming sequel. Now after a few weeks of rumors it looks like a deal has been struck to move filming from Hawaii (Most of the Jurassic Films were shot there) to  the UK.

We’ve known for some time that the story would move off island to the mainland, away from the park settings. Although moving to the UK could have nothing to do with the actual setting of the story. Many films chose to shoot in the UK for its large filming studios like Pinewood.

Tho some speculate that we may see dino’s rampaging through London when the film is finally released June of 2018. I’m not too keen on that idea just yet but it’s honestly way to early to know for sure what route the sequel will take.

It was also confirmed that filming will begin early 2017. So far only Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt are set to return. Although it ‘s pretty clear by having Dr. Wu (played by JP’s only returning cast mate BD Wong) escape the island with embryos that he may have a part to play in the sequel as well.

Read the original article here at The Knowledge.

Jurassic World roars into theaters 6/22/2018.


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As a huge fan of the Scream movies I was VERY uneasy at the thought of an MTV series based on the franchise. Sidney Prescott is probably my favorite final girl and I wish she had a better close to her story than what the mix reviewed Scream 4 gave her. Although I DID like Scream 4 for giving us another go around with Ghostface and for giving us a reunion of the holy trinity of Sidney, Gale and Dewey.

And then SCREAM the TV SERIES happened and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not perfect and the story got a little clunky at the end, the finale left something to be desired. Most likely because almost every major character survived. Due to the fact that season 2 was green lit mid way through the season and MTV wanted to keep most of their hot cast in tact. The thrills and kill scenes made up for this for the most part. I mean come on that tractor chainsaw of death was deliciously gory and unexpected.

Today we have some glimpses from season 2 thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Take a look at the four newly released photos. What’s happening with Audrey? we know from season one that she was in cahoots with Piper, but just how much? did she actually kill someone?





Despite its faults I was pleased with Scream season one and I really liked the cast that was chosen. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for the students of  Lakewood and our friend mister GhostFace –  Are we still calling him that?

Scream season 2 slices and dices on 5/30/2016





Meet the NEW Rita Repulsa!



Saturday mornings were all about the POWER RANGERS when I was a little one. The Green Ranger was going to be my husband even before I knew what that meant. And GURL I was all about that SASSY Rita Repulsa.

Today we have our first look at Elizabeth Banks as the NEW miss Rita! It’s different…that’s for sure. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet, I don’t dislike it….But I really wanted those cone horns on the top of her head still! Take a look below and tell me what you think. Is she the SEXY Rita of your dreams? or cheap studio sex up of an otherwise cheesy and repulsive Repulsa?

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Banks so I think the casting is inspired.  Miss Banks has mentioned that she is practicing that famous cackle we all know and love so hears hoping for a modern update on a classic childhood villain.



Power Rangers Morphs into theaters 3/24/2017







Jurassic World 2 UPDATE.


Finally some news coming out of the wood work about my beloved Jurassic Park/World franchise. Colin Trevorrow who directed Jurassic World announced via his twitter that the Director for Jurass World 2 has been chosen.

 J.A. Bayona has been tasked with directing the follow up to last summers smash hit Jurassic World. I know him most from his film The Impossible which gives me some hope because I thought dispite the white washing of the protagonists, the film is very well directed. He has a visual flair while also being able to bring heart to a story.

He’s known in the horror community for his creepy little thriller The Orphanage. So I’m hoping he can bring some scare back to the series. One thing I felt was lacking from JW was any kind of terror from the dinosaurs –  Sam Jackson’s severed arm scared the bajeesus out of me as a child – there hasnt been any similar sort of scene in the subsequint sequels.

As of now I’m happy with the decision and I look forward to hearing more regarding the production as we get closer to pre production. What do you think of this development?

Jurassic World 2 breaks free in 2018.