REVIEW: Independence Day Issue #1



It’s been pretty quiet in regards to Independence Day: Resurgence or “IDR” as it’s being called now. A throwback to the originals “ID4” abbreviation. The last thing let loose on the public was the explosive Super Bowl TV spot.

However now the first issue in the 5 issue prequel comic series has been released. Issue #1 simply titled Independence Day comes from Titan Comics and is written by Victor Gischler with artwork by Steve Scott.

I’m pretty new to the “Comic” world and I’m reviewing this series because it is a movie tie-in. There fore this will be more geared to it’s relation to the films than comparing to other comics.


The story picks up right near the end of the original Independence Day in 1996. A “Different” ship the same size as the City Destroyers escapes the destruction of the Alien Mother ship, it is damaged by debris from the explosion and crashes into the Atlantic Ocean.

We are quickly introduced to Captain Meredith, a prickly Her way or the highway type. She’s in charge of a submarine that has been laying low during the Alien battle but has now been ordered to surface. A team is being sent to investigate the crashed Alien ship and the sub must surface to pick them up.

The investigating team is led by Dr. Jessica Morgan along with her military liaison Captain Joshua Adams. We were told when the comic was first announced that the prequel story would follow a character that will be appearing in RESURGENCE and we now know Joshua Adams is hat character. He will be portrayed by William Fichtner and will have made the jump from Captain to General Adams once he makes his big screen debut.

The rest of the story takes place from Adam’s point of view, his character was part of US intelligence and was a key player in co-coordinating the counter attack on the aliens once the shields were taken down.

The comics first few pages offer some insight and background to the events taking place prior, one page offers a profile on Adam’s which gives us a brief back story and reason for his importance. It’s some nice extra info I hope each issue moving forward continues with.

And of course his biggest drawback is that he is afraid of the ocean. So what better person to lend his expertise to a deep sea dive mission right?

The set up to this story holds strong similarities to the book and movie adaptation “Sphere”. In fact it’s all I could think about while reading through. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking coming from this story which honestly wasn’t expected to begin with.

And as with most #1’s this issue suffers from having to cram character introductions and plot points into a few pages with very little action.

Once our team makes it’s way to the bottom of the ocean it comes across the downed Alien craft. Immediately they can see the hull is breached and they ponder going in on foot. Captain Meredith becomes the typical high strung person in charge who feels she’s being undermined by everything. Adams and Jessica don’t offer much else. Most of the time the crew spends arguing over who is in charge or what to do next.

In a short scene of suspense the Alien ship sends out two drones to scout the area. The submarines crew have come to the conclusion that the ship’s systems must be damaged and therefor are in the blind. One drone heads for the surface while the other heads directly for the submarine.

Tempers flair as the crew tries to figure out what to do. The first drone destroys the military vessel waiting topside, Adam’s is finally able to convince the Captain that the Alien shields are down and that a torpedo would be able to take it down. Of course he’s right and the Sub is saved.

Then the crew suits up and heads for the downed ship. They enter through the breach in the hull, once inside they realize it is safe to breath. After taking off their helmets the troupe begins to explore further into the ship. But their tour gets cut short as SURPRISE an Alien drops down from the ceiling, wrapping it’s wiggling tentacles around an unsuspecting soldier. The issue ends here with a “To Be Continued…”

This story is nothing we havent seen before, but it’s still an interesting premise. When one thinks of ID4- space, explosions and packed crowds running for their lives come to mind. So setting this story under water with a more claustrophobic atmosphere is nice change of pace. Now that the story and characters are in place I’m hoping the action picks up more in the coming issues. I’m very curious to see what the Aliens and their technology will look like in RESURGENCE and I’m hoping to see glimpses of the new designs down the line. The writer and artist were treated to the RESURGENCE script and concept art so I’m hoping it so that they could implement some of that into the comics.

 The art as far as i could tell was standard comic art, the humans are pretty realistic looking and Joshua Adams was definitely drawn in the likeness of Mr.Fichtner. Unfortunately most of the scenes take place in the sub with very drab lighting, and nothing really stands out as anything special. 

However the art really shines in scenes out in the water or with the aliens themselves. The scenes involving water are brilliant and bright with color and offer a much needed change to the boring sub panels. Scott was also able to capture a feel of menace once the Alien in it’s frightening bio suit makes its appearance.

All in All i’d say if your a fan of the movies and looking forward to RESURGENCE then this series may be worth the $3.99. There isn’t anything spectacular so far but it’s still fun to spend a little more time in the ID4 world.





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