Gay for PAY.


As you can see I’m practicing with click bate. Despite what the title implies this post has nothing to do with SEX;)

Greetings every (one) of you! Haven’t posted anything in a bit because I’ve been SO busy being a bum and doing nothing creative on my free time. Also I’ve been trying to rack up more hours at work so that’s been pretty draining.

Why am I killing myself with an over load of work you ask? Someone as adorable and brilliant as me shouldn’t have to work so much right? Sadly even I suffer from the same debilitating disease that you have known as BILLS.

Which leads me to today’s topic. MONEY.

Money is fucking awful and also completely necessary in order to survive. Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness was fucking liar. And it always seems like there’s just never enough. And something that really has been stressing me out even more so than bills is what other queens think or feel about MY money.

I’m finding out that there is a huge stigma regarding how much money you have. I’ve noticed people that I’m coming into contact with in my community are super ass hats when it comes to your bank account. If your broke your a loser. And that’s that.

Doesn’t seem to matter WHY your broke. Just the fact that you don’t have a ton of money to throw at alcohol on Friday night means your a total loser.

If you know me personally then you know that I tend to always be broke or at least trying to stick to a budget and not wanting to just randomly spend. And certain people have made it known how annoying they think that is. I’ve had the phrase “Get your shit together” said to me a ton of times.

Well this ones for you jack hole.

The reason I’m broke all the time is BECAUSE I’m getting my shit together. Guess what? Health care is fucking expensive, you know what else? so are bills and food and general living costs that help keep me off the street. Not all of us feel totally fine by letting some saggy old nut sack pay for everything for me.

Side Note: Having a sugar daddy does not mean you have your shit together. I only mention this because Ive had one of these sugar baby sluts call me out on being broke before.

I take GREAT pride in being able to support myself. I don’t make millions at my glamorous job and for now as long as i can keep a roof over my head and some hot pockets in the freezer I’m happy with that.

Yeah I don’t always have the money for a fun night out but it doesn’t mean I’m a loser. I work really fucking hard to be able to have what I do. And just because you may make a ton of money at this point in your life, doesn’t mean that everyone has gotten there just yet. So calm your tits and Netflix n chill with me instead. Jk because i also don’t have a TV right now. A microwave is my next house hold purchase. You know. For the hot pockets.

In closing don’t be a fucking prick if your friend can’t go to that huge block party because his rent is due the same day. It honestly feels so awful knowing how hard you’ve worked for what you have just to have someone come along and shame you for not having more.

One day when my sex tapes leak or I invent a new type of super weapon I’ll be rolling in the Benjamin’s. But for now I’m fine with rolling around with some guy named Benjamin in bed instead, And knowing that I don’t have to worry about my phone being shut off or what I’m going to eat tomorrow.

Good day:)





3 thoughts on “Gay for PAY.

  1. Bruce Christian

    Some of us “saggy old nut sacks” need a financial break as well! It’s nice to feel somewhat financially independent, but everything can be wiped out in a second because of healthcare, car accident, escalating bar prices! I feel your outrage; I remember when I was in a similar position.


    • Sorry for that generalization! I was referencing the Sugar daddy type that I just don’t agree with.

      And yes the older I’m getting all of the things you mentioned weigh on my mind a lot more than the amount I have to spend at a bar. it just hurts when people can’t see the hard worker and just the guy who doesn’t have a ton of money laying around.


  2. Bruce Christian

    No problem. I actually thought the image you painted, while disturbing, was funny. As a writer myself, painting that kind of picture with words is appreciated.


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