To Phasma or not to Phasma?



As Star Wars : The Force Awakens was being marketed it seemed as if Gwendoline Christie’s “Captain Phasma” was being championed as the NEW Boba Fett. I was tricked just like the rest of you poor scavengers. Instead of a kickass WOMAN villain that would be sure to rain terror down upon anyone to cross the First Order we got three scenes show casing absolutely nothing about this character. She doesnt even get to fire her blaster! not even once. SMH. As far as I know Captain Phasma is a coward who instead of fighting off Finn and Han to the death, lowered the shields and then was promptly dispatched with a joke. It was pretty clear this wasn’t all we’d see of Phasma in this new series and obviously she was not killed during the destruction of Star Killer base.  Kathleen Kennedy confirmed shortly after backlash regarding the character began to flow across the internet that Phasma would have a MUCH bigger part in Star Wars 8 which began production earlier this week.

I sure as hell hope so Gurl because wasting even such an iconic design would be a total sin and slap to the face. I mean Miss Christie is phenomenal in Game of Thrones so seeing all her potential go to waste is a real shame.

Well thanks to  Movieweb and Screen Rant it appears there would have been a little more to do with this character in an apparent deleted scene. Read a quote below from one of the editors.

“There was actually a fun thing with Captain Phasma ordering all of the ships into the air, but they didn’t realize that Han and Finn had just thrown her down a garbage chute.”


What a revelation! NOT. Really? your telling me four scenes in total were written for this character? UGHSVILL. In my opinion they could have fixed this issue with one simple change. Remember that Storm Trooper that confronted Finn outside of Maz Kanata’s Castle? The one fans have now dubbed as TR-8R? THIS should have been Phasma. I mean it is clear as day and I’m sure SOMEONE on the writing team had to have suggested it. I know they wouldn’t have shoved aside such a sweet character for some no name trooper JUST so they could connect to an expanded universe book. Or would they? Yes TR-8R was killed by Han. But that could have been easily changed if they wanted her character to appear through out the series.

In closing Phasma is NOT Boba and until they prove otherwise she is one of the most useless character’s in the new trilogy…..So far.

Bitch Rant Over.


Know your Meme


Screen Rant


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