I want to play a game…Again.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to The Tracking Board for spilling the Tea that Lionsgate has now confirmed  “Saw 8” is in the works. Titled “Saw: Legacy” with the creative duo who brought us the original “Saw” leigh (Total Babe) whannell & James Wan signed on to executive (Sit back and watch the $ signs) produce. Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger (Piranha 3D) have been tasked to write. So far no release date OR story details have been released.

Pure speculation but I’d be very surprised if Tobin Bell didn’t at least make some kind of voice cameo. Whats a Saw trap without Jigsaws perfectly recited instruction played before the fun begins? NOT A SAW TRAP if you ask me. Also the only remaining character even remotely interesting that was left alive was Cary Elwes’ Dr. Gordon. Do we need more of him? I think not. I think the most obvious way to go about this sequel is to start fresh with a soft reboot. Keep Jigsaw (In a minor capacity) and bring in new faces and story points. I think its safe to say that John Kramer’s story is over and his annoying wife got exactly what was coming to her.

Maybe a copycat killer? I know I know – Scream 2 anyone? but if not that, what then? I don’t see them bringing Jigsaw back in any kind of supernatural way and continuing with his original plans would be a total bore. Hopefully now that the announcement is official more details will begin to emerge.

“He Helped Me”


Source: Movieweb.com

The Tracking Board



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