It’s Monday 2/8/2016


Welcome to the new week everyone, the time has come again to restart all of our mundane weekly routines. Wake up. Cry. Go to work. Cry. Go home. Cry. Go to bed.  Cry. You know, the usual…But worry not for today i bring you a bunch of exciting movie updates that have been dropped into our tear soaked palms, may they keep the voices at bay for time being.  Enjoy!

Independence Day: Resurgence.


We got ourselves a brand spanking new poster that was released following the Super Bowl 50 Spot. We get another look at the new Alien Spacecraft. Whether this is one of the smaller City scale crafts or the mother ship is yet to be seen. I’m happy to see the iconic laser of death device looking relatively similar to its 1996 counterpart, however from what was shown in that last spot I think its safe to assume it may be capable of a few others tricks this time around.

“What Comes Up…Must Come….DOWN”

You can find a slew of new Interviews from the New and Returning cast HERE thanks to

Captain America: Civil War.

I am all about this new look at Civil War. It really gives us the sense that something game changing is about to go down for our hero’s. We get just a sliver of new footage featuring Scarlet Witch. Wanda was my favorite thing about Age of Ultron and I am very curious to see how she fits into this story. Some rumors going around earlier this year suggested that (POSSIBLE SPOILER) Scarlet Witch would be killed off which would upset Vision so much it would give him the excuse to leave Earth. Setting his character up for where we will find him once Infinity Wars: Part 1 starts off. We also got a confirmed line up of who each team consists of. While we already pretty much had this information. We can now see it in an official capacity

10 Cloverfield Lane.
 The new super mysterious movie brought to you from the mind of JJ Abrams received a brief new spot as well. Something noticeable right off the bat are the many shots that seem to take place outside. The last trailer showcased a story that would be tight and claustrophobic with a small cast and only one or two settings. But from what can be seen in the new footage there are plenty of scenes taking place outside in the open.  The only confirmed plot of the movie is that some chick (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) gets taken hostage and held against her will by Dan Connor in an under ground bunker. The excuse being that a chemical spill has made the outside world uninhabitable. I think it’s safe to assume Mr. Goodman isn’t being totally honest and of course lets not forget the biggest and most interesting thing about this movie. The title. 10 CLOVERFEILD lane. And what do we hear at the very end of this teaser? A familiar sounding…ROAR. I guess we will just have to wait until March 11 2016 to see what all the secrecy is about.
Suicide Squad

Group Photo!

Now i don’t know about all you goody two shoes’ out there but I have PH0iJVOYbN3t41_1_lNEVER related to the Super “Heroes” in comics OR movies. I’m sorry but boy next door Super “Yawn” Man and Bat “Need to let things go” Man never did it for me. I wanted to know more about the Joker, Harley Quinn and the like. And FINALLY we are getting a movie for the villains inside us all. Suicide Squad looks like heaps of fun and the trailers released so far are chock full of juicy villainous imagery. Today thanks to two new posters have been unleashed. The first shows off our true and trustworthy gang of “heroes” and the second gives us a sassy look at the hottest babe in Gotham City- Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016
Here’s some brief TV NEWS. Netflix has released a new teaser for the second season of Daredevil. I had little to no interest when the first season came out until i finally gave it a chance and LOVED it. Brutal and unflinching last years season was some of Netflix’s best original programming. The teaser doesn’t offer much but its a reminder that more ass kicking blind justice is headed our way.
Season 2 hits Netflix on March 18, 2016

That’s all I got for you today. Updates seem to be in large supply this week so expect more in the coming days. Also if by some miracle a human being is actually reading this take a few secs to like or comment! MUCH appreciated;)









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