Super Bowl 50 Movie Presence



UPDATE: Thanks to we now have confirmation that MARVEL/ COCA- COLA will air a 60 second spot for Captain America: Civil War. The team up probably helped bring a TV spot twice the typical length.  They received the confirmation from Ad Week.

Also Screen Crush confirmed a separate trailer being released, most likely online sometime before or during the game.



superbowl-50As most of you know the only reason to pay attention to anything Super Bowl related is to see what sweet movie trailers and tidbits that may be released. Typically studios pay millions (5 Million this year) for a 30 second TV spot to showcase their big blockbuster of the year. Last year saw the release of brand new trailers for Jurassic World (AKA The best thing about 2015) Captain America: Winter Soldier (AKA the Best Marvel Movie so far) as well as a few others. This year there is still some unconfirmed rumors of what we may be presented with in between that boring show where a bunch of men in tights play fetch. Here’s what we may encounter at this years Super Bowl.

maxresdefaultIndependence Day: Resurgence

Nothing has been confirmed regarding a new trailer being presented but its basically a given since stars Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth are both going to be making an appearance to represent the film. Rumors are that the movie, which is sure to bring in big at the box office (Especially with an older 90s generation) will have a large presence at the game. Sometimes studios are known to show a smaller 30 second spot due to pricing during the game and simultaneously release a full trailer online. Here’s hoping for both. The original was a childhood favorite that I watched repeatedly and i’m glad to see almost all of the OG cast return; sans Mr. Smith since he had prior obligations to film Suicide Squad AKA the studio didn’t offer him enough money.

marvel_s_captain_america__civil_war___re_logo_by_mrsteiners-d84h9nyCaptain America: Civil War

The next Hotly anticipated movie on the list is the sequel to last years smash Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe See’s a line drawn between our hero’s as they split into separate sides and face off due to a new government mandate that wants to regulate the superhero’s actions. There has been a TON of early buzz regarding the movie and early test screenings are scoring through the roof. Not only are we expecting another fantastic Captain America film from Anthony & Joe Russo but this movie will also have the largest number of characters jammed into a Marvel movie so far. While nothing has been confirmed so far it would seem odd for the studio not to show a Spot since the movie is going to be released this coming MAY. Word on the street is we can at least expect SOMETHING, what that may be is still up in the air.

batman-v-superman-cavill-gadot-affleckBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Again while nothing has officially been announced (This isn’t uncommon) it would seem JOKER level crazy if Warner Bros. didn’t have something planned for the Big Game. As another film making a big splash with early buzz, showing off an action packed spot would be another huge marketing push for the film which releases only a month later. I’m still waiting to pass judgment until I see how Ben- I cheated on Sidney Bristow and lived- Affleck does as the caped crusader, however you know my ass will be in that seat opening day to see a hot guy in his skin tight blue outfit hover in slow motion.

maxresdefault2The Jungle Book

Now why we needed a live action remake of a cartoon ill never know, especially one that seems to be following its predecessor so closely. But that’s none of my business (Drinks Tea with pinky finger extended) the movie has been confirmed to show something during the game. Most Likely a full blown trailer, Disney is really going to be pushing this one marketing wise and Superbowl 50 would be a great start. The studio released a tiny sneak preview of the trailer and I cant argue that the visuals are fantastic.

These are but a few rumored films to be showing off new footage and there a lot I didn’t bother mentioning to due to lack of interest Alice: Through the Looking Glass, The Huntsman Winter’s War, X-Men: Apocalypse (slight Interest), Warcraft, Kung Fu Panda 3 Could all be vying for our attention as well during Super Bowl Sunday.



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